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Student Success Center

The Student Success Center at Bishop 皇冠体育官网 is a place for quiet study and concentrated work. Students have access to the SSC during their open periods and study halls as needed. Additionally, students may receive 1:1 support with basic executive functioning skills such as planning, time management, prioritization, organization and more. 皇冠体育官网 students may be encouraged to work in The Student Success Center by a classroom teacher or the Dean of Students, but may also make an appointment to receive more direct help when they recognize the need on their own. Everybody needs a little, or even a lot, of support sometimes and that's okay. Knowing how and when to ask for it is a great life skill. The Student Support Center provides another layer of structured resources, guided strategies and motivation to help all 皇冠体育官网 students succeed.
For more information, please contact Jenny Baker-Powers, M. Ed., Learning Support Specialist, at